15+ Fancy Living Room Ideas For Modern Homes

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

A comfortable home is nothing without the perfect furniture arrangement. Making a house or apartment feel like home depends highly on how comfortable the tone of the room is. Below, we’ve curated 5 awesome living room ideas to help you arrange your house into a home.

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Use your color palette to its full advantage

Living Room Ideas

Teal Living Room Ideas Living Room Ideas Teal Accents Tiffany Blue Living Room Ideas

If you have a larger living room, multiple pieces utilizing all of the colors in your palette may be the most fun choice. For example, your living room may be gray, Tiffany blue and white.  To mix this up in terms of furniture, purchase a loveseat that’s gray with 2 Tiffany blue living room chairs to place across from this sofa. This will make the room brighter, not as dull and will give a bit of depth to the room.

Different sizes, a different perspective

Modern Living Room Ideas Modern Living Room Ideas Apartment Living Room Ideas Apartment Living Room Ideas

If your sofa is rather large and you don’t want the entire room to feel heavy and full, try scaling other pieces of furniture. If you have large living room chairs, scale down the size of your sofa and the coffee table to something sleek and minimal. For the more sleek pieces, prints work great and solid colors work fantastic for larger pieces. Read further for more tips on prints and sizes.

Different sizes, different prints

While you don’t want your room to feel like a circus, it’s important to use pops of color through prints on chairs or ottomans. Having a solid color set of living room chairs or couch with the opposite in a print will create dimension and personality within your room. Be careful though, as too much print will overload the room and create a chaotic vibe unless that’s the look you’re going for.

Colors matter

Living Room Ideas For Small Apartment Small Living Room Ideas With Bright Colors Modern Living Room Ideas White Living Room ideas

Maybe your room is smaller; don’t let that limit the design choices you make! To make the room appear bigger, use brighter colors when it comes to furniture. Brighter colors make something appear larger while darker colors slim. Don’t put too much of one color in the room or else it will be extremely dull or overwhelming.

A television doesn’t always have to be a centerpiece

If you’re not a fan of sitting around the television with no personal interaction, using a piece of art or a large wall clock can be a cozy area to place living room chairs. This will act as a lobby or hangout nook to divulge in each other’s lives, instead of the faux lives on reality television.

In conclusion

Colors, prints, and size matter when it comes to living room chairs. Surprisingly, living room chairs are extremely important when trying to accessorize your sofa. If they feel off balance or do not match the couch in an accent color or in totality, the room will feel incomplete. When a room feels incomplete, it’s subconsciously unsettling and makes the homeowner not want to stay in the room. Turning your house into a home is easy when you take risks and experiment with design.