15+ Lovely Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Marble Top Small Kitchen Island With Seating

any uses come from the perspective of an even small kitchen island. It is known that a practical and multifunctional element in a kitchen is kitchen island. Add more purpose to your kitchen and get inspiration from tips and ideas regardless how small your space is. There are several abilities in an island you should know when considering small kitchen island ideas. An island should make additional counter space, can be used as a breakfast surface or eating counter, has shelves, drawers, or hooks for extra storage and not disrupt your kitchen work course with the right size.

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Restaurant Grade

Restaurant Grade Small Kitchen Island Ultra Modern Small Kitchen Island Cute SMall Kitchen Island with Seating Small Kitchen Island with Seating and Built-In Sink Modern Small Kitchen Island

A stainless, commercial, industrial work table can be bought from a restaurant supply store. These stainless steel options are fairly inexpensive, lightweight, durable, sturdy, and available in a range of sizes. Small kitchen island that featuring open shelving underneath and a towel bar for textiles and hooks are ideal for the most use. If you want to move your island often, choose one with locking wheels though you can move without needing wheels due to lightweight work tables in restaurant grade.

Clearances and Aisles

Small Kitchen Island In White SMall Kitchen Island With Built-In Sink

Square SMall Kitchen Island WIth Seating Small Square Kitchen Island Marble Top Square Small Kitchen Island

Consider the size of your island before you add a kitchen island. If the island is opposite an appliance door, provide 36” to 42” wide for an aisle. In the middle of a kitchen or in an L shape formation to include an open floor plan kitchen are good places for islands. If the area is not high traffic, provide a clearance no less than 32” or give space for two people with the standard 36” aisle width. Take note where your island to put with proper clearance by planning a floor layout with newspaper or painter’s tape. Pick an island that can be rolled or moved to a different area as necessary if a permanent island does not suit your kitchen space. Small island options are available to buy so you do not have to custom make one.

Repurposed Furniture

Extending Small Kitchen Island

Wooden Block Butcher Island Small Size

Create an island by repurposing a furniture piece is an inexpensive and efficient way to include an island to a small kitchen. A sofa table can be a furniture piece for small kitchen island as it is designed to be slim enough in a front entrance or at the back of a sofa. Another option is recycling old cabinet. Something with ample of drawers, shelving, or other storage options are great. An ideal island for prep, dining, and counter space can be a high dining table in the precise proportion or a dining table with bar height. Add more storage with hooks on the side.

Butcher Block

Butcher Block Small Kitchen Island

Butcher Block Island Farmhouse Small Kitchen Island Farmhouse Small Kitchen Island Butcher Block

Great alternative for the kitchen island is a butcher block. You can use this small kitchen island for preparing area right away due to the special surface and it allows creating a snack counter with a couple of stools.